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The promising field of cellular therapy relies on the ability of scientists to accurately engineer a patient's cells using complex combinations of nucleic acids and proteins. As a therapy progresses from concept to the clinic, and as design gives way to dose, the volume of engineered cells required for successful translation increases dramatically. This is why four out of five customers rank scalability, together with efficiency, as the top criteria for choice of a transfection technology. However, few transfection technologies have the ability to scale seamlessly without compromising delivery efficiency. This is why MaxCyte developed the ExPERT range of consumables, engineered for use on the industry’s leading, clinically validated electroporation platform. The range offers a flexible array of transfection volumes engineered to seamlessly transition from small to large scale without compromising efficiency for both research and clinical use1. Therapeutic development is often a race against time, but for many transfection technologies, scale up can be problematic, causing significant increases in timelines, cost and risk. The ExPERT range of consumables alleviates these development challenges by providing flexibility and scalability, while maintaining Efficiency, to help accelerate your Therapy.

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